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Selecting The Right Granite Counter-Tops

Granite is a natural stone that is majorly preferred for countertops. It is smooth, durable and beautiful kind of a rock. It is resilient to extreme temperature disparities. The countertops are not easily damaged by freezing temperatures or by hot temperatures.

Quality granite is defined as being strong and durable. Granite quality depends on the process used when cutting and polishing. Chances of the rock breaking during explosions from the mountains are possible. Several hunks cut from these rocks will have defects. Extracting stone blocks from the mountains is a costly process. To recover the costs incurred in blasting, the quarry business people trade these faulty stones at a subsidized rate. The factory owners use different techniques to cover-up these cracks. Granite countertops can as well be spoiled in the process of transportation or storage.

Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the quality of the stone when buying granite countertop. However, it is not easy to know identify faultiness in a granite slab as the manufactures have a way to technically cover-up the crack defects. It is not easy to tell if the stone has any defects unless you know how to inspect The parameters below will aid you in identifying a suitable quality granite countertop.

The experts in this field use technology to seal these crevices on stones. Identifying a deformity from the polished surface of a countertop is impossible. When inspecting granite slabs for cracks you have to turn and check the unpolished side of the stone slab. Check closely for proper inspections. You need to apply this approach when shopping for granite bench tops for your home.

Precedent Defects
Granite of good quality is colorful and well decorated. At times the patterns may not be uniform. It means that the stone has several minerals that are not uniformly dispersed in the stone. For example the quartz stone appears to have white patches. The quartz stones are an example of poor quality granite stones and they are prone to breakage It is important to note that polishing does not cover-up the imperfections of the stone. When shopping it is essential to examine the stone surface and be sure that the patterns are even to be guaranteed of the quality

Balanced Width
You can easily identify a slab that has unequal width. Before you decide to pay for your granite slabs, do through verification of the width of the countertops of your choice. You should avoid purchasing uneven slab. To avoid easy breakages of the slabs avoid purchasing thin slabs, they are not long lasting. Make sure you make the best choices when buying granite countertops for your home.

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